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Our Victories

Here at Norman Taylor & Associates, out team has over 20 years of experience. We have used this time to advance our understanding of the law and to increase the representation that we offer to our clients. We look for favorable results in cases of elder law and we are a supportive ally for those that have had to deal with any form of elder abuse. We have gained a positive reputation around the Los Angeles area as being a dependable and ethical firm that seeks the good of the client. Some of our results can be found alone and we see these as more than just a win; we see them as a step for our clients. Check back since we will be adding victories on an ongoing basis. For further information about the services we are able to provide, call the firm for a free consultation.

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Some of our legal accomplishments include the following:

  • A high six figure result against an adult day care center for failure to supervise a 78 year old woman resulting in fall and fractured hip.
  • A high six-figure result for a nursing home medication error (Methotrexate overdose) resulting in 3 day hospitalization and two week recovery of 92 year old woman
  • A high six figure result for 62 year old man for failure to diagnose oral/pharyngeal cancer.
  • A seven figure result for failure to diagnose a mid-gut volvulus in a pregnant woman resulting in the loss of the fetus and a majority of her intestines.
  • A high six figure result for family of newborn who died in neonatal intensive care unit
  • A high six figure result for woman who lost her uterus and baby in a Vaginal Birth After Cesarean
  • A successful case against the City of Los Angeles for a 911 dispatcher who failed to provide correct pre-arrival instructions to the mother of a choking infant resulting in brain injury.