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Facts on Wandering, Elopement and Dementia

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If you have a loved one who suffers from dementia and they reside in a nursing home facility, they are facing several specific dangers. Dementia patients, particularly those with Alzheimer's disease have a tendency to wander and lose their way. It is the responsibility of the nursing home facility to have safeguards in place to prevent wandering and potential injury caused by geographic confusion. If your loved one has suffered an injury or even death due to unchecked wandering or elopement at a nursing home facility, seek legal counsel from our Los Angeles elder abuse attorney today. We may be able to help you take action to seek compensation for damages, holding the responsible parties accountable.

Dementia and Alzheimer patients suffer from varying memory impairment. Depending on the severity, some individuals may not even remember day to day events. Due to this impairment they may lose their way, as they no longer recognize the familiar things around them. They may not remember how they even got to where they currently are or how to return to their nursing home. If a memory impaired patient is allowed to wander the facility they may be able to gain access to the exterior of the property. Once they are no longer on protected grounds, they may be at higher risk for serious injury, abuse or even death. It is up to the facility at which the individual resides to make certain that there is a plan in place to safeguard against the possibility of wandering or elopement.

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The legal professionals at Norman Taylor & Associates have a combined 49 years of experience when it comes to handling elder abuse cases. They have assisted numerous families and their loved ones with issues concerning elder abuse and nursing home negligence. If you have a situation where an elderly loved one has been injured due to the negligent actions of the nursing home or facility in which they reside, our legal team may be able to help. Our firm is compassionate and understanding, caring for your every step of the case. We focus on finding a resolution for our clients, allowing them to recover compensation for any damages. Our firm can assist with a wide range of elder abuse issues, including lack of proper care, malnutrition, violation of resident's rights and nursing home negligence. Let our firm help you seek restitution for the unprotected wandering or elopement of your loved one. If you would like the assistance of a Los Angeles elder abuse lawyer, contact us today. Start discussing your case with our firm by filling out a free case evaluation today.