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Elder Abuse: Malnutrition

Lack of Nutrition is a Sign of Elder Abuse

When you make the difficult decision that your elderly loved one must be placed in a nursing home so that they can receive the 24-hour care and attention they require, you expect a high level of treatment and care to be provided. When you find out that their most basic needs, such as food and water are not being met, it is shocking and unbelievable. Malnutrition in nursing home care is a form of elder or dependent adult abuse and a Los Angeles elder abuse attorney from our firm can help you seek legal action against those responsible for the injuries, pain and suffering of your loved one. Contact our firm today to speak with an experienced elder abuse lawyer who can help you understand what legal options are available to you.

If your loved one is suffering from malnutrition, this is likely not the only abuse they have suffered. Dehydration, bedsores, lack of proper care, and even physical abuse may be present. In many cases, one type of abuse leads to the discovery of many types of abuse going on, and finding this out can cause devastation and heartbreak in your family. Although no amount of money can make up for the pain and suffering your loved one and family have gone through, seeking legal action against those responsible for this occurrence is the only way to take a stand for your loved one's rights.

Strong Legal Representation for Malnutrition Cases

At Norman Taylor & Associates, APLC, we are dedicated to fighting for the rights and proper treatment of elderly citizens and dependent adults in nursing home care. The attorneys at our firm have nearly 50 years of combined experience and we are ready to put that experience to work for you. When searching for an attorney to represent your family in legal proceedings, you want someone who will handle your case with compassion and sensitivity, while aggressively and tirelessly pursing justice for your loved one. Our firm is ready to fight for you.

If your loved one has suffered malnutrition, contact a Los Angeles elder abuse lawyer from our team.