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How to Report Elder Abuse in Los Angeles

If you have an elderly loved one who is a resident in a Residential Care Facility for the Elderly (RCFE) or a Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) and you feel there is abuse or neglect of one form or another that has taken place, there are avenues for filing a complaint against the facility. The California State Long-Term Care (LTC) Ombudsman Program will arrange for an ombudsman to investigate and attempt to resolve complaints made by or on behalf of a long-term care resident. If you feel you need assistance in contacting or presenting a complaint to the LTC ombudsman or if you feel after so doing the matter remained unresolved, contact a Los Angeles elder abuse attorney from our firm immediately to assist you in your pursuit.

Information from a Los Angeles Elder Abuse Lawyer

When you realize that your elderly loved one has become a victim of abuse or neglect at the hands of care professionals, you may feel overwhelmed and confused about your options. Your first step should be to inform the management and administration of your complaint and in many cases that may be sufficient to resolve the issue. However, if the issue does not get resolved you may file a complaint for issues concerning a SNF with the Licensing and Certification Division of the California Dept. of Health or for issues involving a RCFE with the Department of Social Services. An ombudsman should be appointed to investigate and attempt to resolve the concerns outlined in the complaint. Even if the matter is resolved, you may still be able to file a legal suit against the facility to recover compensation for damages.

Taking Action

When faced with the heart breaking information that your elderly loved one has become the victim of abuse it is good to know that there is a team of compassionate skilled attorneys at Norman Taylor & Associates, APLC that can assist you in recovering damages and rectifying the situation. We will put our 49 years of combined legal experience immediately to work for you to help bring the compensation due you or your loved one for pain, suffering, medical bills and legal fees and we will make the responsible party to be held accountable. We specialize in all areas of elder abuse law including physical abuse, lack of proper care and how to report elder abuse.