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Home Health Agencies and Elder Abuse

Elder Abuse Lawyer in Los Angeles, CA

Home health care agencies provide services to assist the elderly or dependent adults. There are a wide range of services and assistance that can be provided by these agencies, from medical services, to providing healthful meals, shopping for food and other needed items, personal hygiene care and other matters that the individual can no longer manage alone. In home care can be far superior, and many elderly people don't wish to leave their homes and this can appear to be an excellent option to keep them well cared for, while staying in a familiar environment in which they feel comfortable and also independent. Unfortunately, in some cases, a home health care agency provides personnel that abuse or neglect those under their care, including cases in which the individual is the victim of emotional, physical, or sexual abuse. Immediate legal action must be taken in such a case, and the firm can help.

Elder Abuse Occurring from Home Health Agencies

The home health care worker usually spends a great deal of time with the elderly person, and provides needed interaction and friendship. Those who prey on the elderly can take advantage of them, as the elderly are vulnerable and are unaware of what is taking place. These abuses can include failing to provide them with adequate personal care. These abuses can be identified when you go to visit your relative. The caregiver may have overmedicated their patient in order to "keep them quiet". If your relative is always groggy, sleeping or appears to be suffering from malnutrition, dehydration, is obviously not cared for with regard to hygiene and clothing, or has become unresponsive or shies away from physical contact, it could be that they are a victim of abuse or neglect. It is crucial that you are aware of the signs of elder abuse if your relative is being cared for by a home health care worker.

In such a case, immediate action must be taken, both by getting legal counsel from a Los Angeles elder abuse attorney from Norman Taylor & Associates, as well as reporting the abuse to the authorities. These cases, once investigated, often identify more forms of abuse, such as loss of personal items such as valuable jewelry, money in bank accounts, the illegal use of credit cards, or even fraudulent transfers of assets to another person. A home health care worker has a responsibility to provide the accepted level of care, and when they violate this trust and abuse or neglect their patient, legal action can be taken against the agency or other party that holds liability. The attorney from the firm is a zealous advocate for elder rights, and should evaluate the situation immediately.