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Signs of Abuse: Bedsores

What do I look for?

Bedsores, also known as "pressure sores," are wounds that occur on the skin and underlying tissue as a result of pressure on the body for prolonged periods of time. Bedsores generally affect individuals who have limited mobility and stay in one position for too long. If your loved one who is living at a nursing home has bedsores, this is an indication that they are not being properly cared for. To avoid bedsores, immobile patients need to be turned frequently, to alleviate the pressure on one area of their body and this is a well-recognized part of care of the elderly who are not able to easily move. If your loved one has bedsores, this can indicate negligence on the part of nursing home staff, and you need to investigate further and pursue legal action. Contact a Los Angeles elder abuse lawyer from our firm today for more information.

Bedsores can develop quickly, and cause serious complications in elderly patients if they are not treated quickly and correctly. Patients who have incontinence are at a higher risk of developing bedsores if they are not changed frequently. Moist skin and the bacteria within human waste can cause skin to break down faster. This can be another indication that they are not being properly cared for. Furthermore, complications from bedsores can cause serious medical emergencies in elderly patients, leading to infections, sepsis (infection in the blood), and even cancer. While a small bedsore may appear to be insignificant, this is not the case. It is an indication that your loved one is not receiving proper basic care.

Wrongful Death Caused by Bed Sores and Sepsis

Addressing bedsores for your elder loved one is a serious matter, and if it is not handled immediately could have fatal results. Sepsis is defined when your body has a reaction to other bacteria and germs in your body causing illness and can be related to bedsores when the wounds are not treated properly. When an elder is neglected so much so that a bed sore forms, their body will begin attacking itself, causing further infections and more health complications. Sadly, when these infections go untreated, the end result may be in severe illness and possibly even death.

By failing to regularly turn over an elderly patient who has mobility problems, the home is essentially causing the victim to become ill because the skin will naturally form an infection due to the lack of motion. Once this occurs, the body may suffer from a fourth degree bed sore causing e coli to enter into the patients' bloodstream. This will then lead to sepsis and septic shock, which can result in the death of the victim if they do not obtain medical care promptly.

Just a few years ago, there was one elderly patient who suffered from bed sores so badly, that when the family finally noticed her poor health, it was too late. The elder victim was taken to the emergency care center for surgery, and when the surgeons saw her wounds they believed it to be a flesh eating virus. It wasn't until they tested the bacteria that they learned this "flesh eating bacteria" was in fact her own feces that caused her to lose not only her skin, but the function of a number of organs. Sadly, this victim died just two days after the surgery. While this is just one victim and her tragic story, cases like this are happening all over our country. Contact our office today to purse a wrongful death lawsuit if you have lost your loved one in this dreadful way.

Los Angeles Elder Abuse Attorney: Advocating Elder Rights

We understand how upsetting it is to find out that your loved one has not been the accepted level of care and has bedsores. At Norman Taylor & Associates, APLC, we are dedicated to helping our clients fight back against the abuse that has been sustained by their loved ones. It is devastating to learn that your loved one, whom you entrusted into the professional care and consideration of a nursing home, has been neglected or mistreated in some way.

With nearly 50 years of combined experience, our firm can fight to defend the rights of your loved one, and help ease the pain your family is going through in this difficult time. Whether your loved one has suffered from malnutrition, dehydration, or even physical abuse, you need to take action immediately.