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Elder Abuse Lawyers for the Los Angeles Area

Norman Taylor & Associates is a firm that is made up of compassionate individuals that are looking to make a difference in the lives of those that have been subjected to abuse. Many individuals have been victimized by the very people that were put there to help them. The attorneys at the firm recognize this injustice and devote themselves to righting this wrong. They have more than 25 years of experience and have been able to turn around the lives of many individuals in this time and find them a peaceful resolution. The team at the firm believes that no one should ever have to suffer through abuse, especially not elderly individuals that may be defenseless and are in a place of dependence. Someone needs to look out for them and they make it their point to be an advocate for victims. You can read more about their attorneys through the profiles below.

Norman Taylor

Norman F. Taylor, Esq.

John K Ciccarelli

John K. Ciccarelli, Esq.

The attorneys at the office deal with all aspects of a case and are able to develop a comprehensive case that effectively demonstrates the neglect or outright misconduct that took place regarding an older person. After working for two and a half decades practicing law, they know what goes into a case and what factors are important to consider. They can review a situation thoroughly and get started immediately on investigating any relevant details. Our attorneys have impressive backgrounds through which they have had the chance to delve further into the legal world and increase their familiarity with it. They have represented a number of clients, dealing with individuals from all walks of life and all types of situations. Each of them has a unique story that has lead them to where they are now. To speak with a member of the firm you can call the office and set up a free consultation.