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How can I tell if my loved one has been abused?  What can I do to help? Common questions you may have about Elder Abuse & ways we can help. If you have a potential case contact us today!  Click here for our free case evaluation.
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Common Questions About Elder Abuse

Answers from a Los Angeles Elder Abuse Attorney

What should I do if I suspect that my relative is being abused in a nursing home?
If you observe signs of abuse, the first step is to report it to the authorities, and the second step is to contact a Los Angeles elder abuse lawyer from Norman Taylor & Associates. We will manage the case with regard to pursuing compensation and justice. Never hesitate if you suspect abuse or neglect is taking place; the incidence of abuse in nursing homes is high, and taking action to protect your loved one could actually save their lives.

What are the signs of elder abuse?
There are specific observable signs that abuse is taking place. Bruising from restraints, dehydration, malnutrition, lack of hygiene, bed sores, infections, fractures, falls, flinching away from physical contact, or a loved one that appears to be constantly overmedicated could be indicators of neglect or abuse. Financial abuse can be identified when you notice that your family member has transferred money to a caregiver or other person, if there are large withdrawals, investments, forged checks or other unexplained financial transactions. Emotional abuse, such as yelling or isolation can lead to your loved one becoming withdrawn and uncommunicative. When you are never allowed to visit with your relative alone, this could be an indicator of emotional abuse.

If a caretaker does not appear to be caring for a relative correctly, what should I do?
Many vulnerable elderly individuals become the victims of caregivers or even family members who take advantage of their frail condition for financial gain, or simply fail to care for them properly with regard to nutrition, hygiene or other issue. These matters must be taken up both by the authorities as well as with the help of a Los Angeles elder abuse lawyer who can take legal action to protect your loved one from further neglect or abuse.

What legal action can be taken in cases of elder abuse?
The firm can advocate for the rights of the dependent adult, and can take action to protect them from further abuse or neglect. These actions should be initiated immediately, as the delicate health and frailty of the elderly makes them exceptionally vulnerable to health problems or even loss of life. Each case is unique, and how it is addressed legally will be based upon the individual circumstances. The first step is to ensure that the abuse is brought to an immediate stop. Your relative is in danger; they need to have the respect and care that they deserve, and the firm can help. Contact us today or fill out a free case evaluation to enlist the legal support you deserve during your case.

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