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How can I tell if my loved one has been abused?  What can I do to help? Common questions you may have about Elder Abuse & ways we can help. If you have a potential case contact us today!  Click here for our free case evaluation.
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Elder Abuse Blog

The Breakers of Long Beach Sued for Elder Abuse & Neglect

The Breakers of Long Beach – an assisted living facility in downtown Long Beach, California – was found by a jury to be responsible for a resident's spinal injury. As a result, the ...
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Daughter Threatens to Kill Elderly Mother in Financial Dispute

In a recent case of elder abuse, a 50 year old woman used aggressive force and threatened to kill her 86 year old mother. Zaruhi Pilikyan has plead not guilty to the charges, despite multiple assault ...
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What Can You Do To Stop Abuse?

The main thing that you can do is be aware. Learn what problems the elderly face so that you can know what to look for. Education is one of the best ways to fight this issue and the government has ...
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Couple Arrested for Financial Elder Abuse

Elder abuse is not only a devastating occurrence, it can be a crime. That was the case for two residents of California this past week when they were accused of taking money from an elderly individual ...
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Unaddressed Infections and Sepsis

If you have noticed your loved one's infection go unaddressed, this can be a serious problem and can be a sign of elder neglect. If an elderly person is not treated for their infection, their body ...
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How Can I Tell If My Loved One is Being Neglected?

As much as we would love to hope that our elderly loved ones are being cared for in a safe and attentive environment that is not always the case. There are countless stories of instances in which ...
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Protect Against Financial Abuse

Elderly individuals often face abuse through a number of means and in any situation it is important to find help. Before the situation occurs, become educated with the associated risks, as well as how ...
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Scams Against the Elderly

Scams are something that most of us deal with at some point. It can be telemarketers calling in the later hours of the evening or someone taking and using our identity. Many elders are victims of ...
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The Emotional Toll of Abuse

When we think of abuse, it can be easy to think of the violent outburst and the physical scars that are left on victims. Abuse can be inflicted in a number of ways, and all of these can take a toll on ...
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Victims of Abuse Turn to Shelters for Help

Elder abuse is a challenging topic to hear about and many people are devastated to hear the harmful situation that many loved ones are in. The problem is a major one in society these days and rather ...
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How Pressure Ulcers Occur & How to Avoid Them

A pressure ulcer can be a very common injury that older individuals suffer. They may be placed in a bed and not turned enough, leading to the ulceration of the skin. The elderly are often unable to ...
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How The District Attorney's Office Defines Elder Abuse

Elder abuse is an atrocious event in our society that continues to persist in spite of education on the subject and venues where elders can be cared for. There are a number of outlets that are ...
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Director of Nursing Sentenced for Elder Abuse

The abuse of elders is a topic that is not always given the attention that it deserves. Countless older individuals are left to suffer under uncaring conditions and many of these instances can be ...
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Getting to Know Norman Taylor & Associates

Watching your loved ones grow old and ill is a very difficult thing to see. We notice that their hearing is failing them, we see how frustrated they are when they can’t walk to the next room on ...
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California Legislature gets it Right on Elder Abuse Gag Orders

Occasionally the folks up in Sacramento get it right. In the case of AB 2149 (Butler), "The Elder Abuse and Dependent Adult Civil Protection Act", an important loop hole that allowed abusive ...
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Welcome to our Elder Abuse Law Blog

We are pleased to announce the launch of our Los Angeles Elder Abuse Law Blog. You can subscribe to our RSS feed by clicking here.
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